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So Courtney wasn't really anticipating being in the photos. So she surely wouldn't be predicting the above photo being the image I'm most compelled to share. But yet, she also wasn't expecting to deliver her first child (Where the fears of the unknown are already so intense) amidst a world wide pandemic. When I see this photo, I see the emotional reality and fragility of what it means to have a baby in this time. I also see great strength. I honestly don't know how she was able to handle the unknowns. Will her husband be able to be in the room? Is the hospital safe? Can I give Covid to my baby if I get it? Then to arrive back home to no delivered meal trains. No grandparents to stop by and snuggle a crying baby to give the new parents a moment to recoup. At first, okay, second, third, or even fourth glance it feels like a whole lot has been taken away from parents right now. But here's the gleaming silver lining. There is no time in life that will change so quickly than when you have a newborn. And oh to have the gift of time. And oh to be able to stop time forever through photos.

And my oh my does time fly. I've known mama Courtney since...Well...I essentially used to babysit her. (: I'm so proud of the woman (and now mama) she's grown to be. Getting married. Graduating from more than one program. Starting her own equine practice. Buying a stunning lake front home. And of course delivering baby Ryland amidst some of the most unpredictable and challenging circumstances. Proud of her resiliency. Her ability to push forward even when ...actually, especially when things are hard. There's few greater challenges than being a good parent. And no doubt, they're already proving that to be more than equipped to be amazing parents. So happy for you guys!