I've got December winter babies. My youngest was born shortly after a blizzard and during the polar vortex. I was sleepless the days leading up to delivering. What if we can't get our car out? What if we get stuck in the snow on the way to the hospital? What if the person who is going to watch our oldest can't make the long drive because of the weather...? Oh Compounded with the usual worries of I'm about to birth a bowling ball. And the most emotional for me being, It's no longer going to be just us and our oldest. Can we share our love? Will he understand?

Worry. Worry. Worry.

So my heart immediately went out to every expecting family as the Corona Virus turned our worlds (and hospitals) upside down! It's truly hard to even comprehend all that factors that were/are completely out of your control. Is the hospital going to be safe? Can your spouse be in the delivery room with you? If you get Corona, can you pass it on to your baby? There outta be a medal of honor for these parents! I don't have a medal. But I do have images that I hope will hang in their home as badges of courage, evidence of selfless love. And reminders of the time in life where all they had really was each other. (Well, and their photographer, me, standing a distance with my face mask, taking photos in their yard since we can't be inside) (:

THANK YOU guys for entrusting me with capturing your sweet sweet family!


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