Everything About a Wedding is Personal

Everything about a wedding is personal: from the details you most likely spent forever picking out, to the very reason you can't imagine your life without the person who will be on the other side of the aisle. We aren't just your photographer; we're you're memory time-capsule. We're your greatest advocate when things start to get crazy. We're the ones who have mastered our craft so you can sit back, eat your cake, (please eat it, it's God's gift to the edible world) and soak in the amazing feeling that every single person gathered is there to support and celebrate with you. I remember the moment that sunk in for me at my own wedding. I have a photo of it as well: me clutching my speech trying to get out the words of how grateful I was for everyone who was with us that day. So whether you're wanting your photos to be that of magazines, or super candid and raw we've got you.

That's the key: YOU!

Everyone is different. I encourage couples to find the top 3 things that matter the most to them for their wedding day, and to start investing there first. By investing your time, and your finances more towards those things you're sure to have the most meaningful (to you) aspects of your big day already entrusted in good hands. Everything else, is icing on the wedding cake!

The more we get to know who you are as a couple, the more deeply personal your wedding images will be!



There's nothing more personal than your wedding day! Gush the details by clicking the button above. We can then create the perfect package to fit exactly what you'll need to make your vision come to tangible life.

Generally our couples spend $5.5K-$8.5K on their experience with us.

Will you help with timing?

Short answer...Absolutely! Long answer...We'll handle all the timing details and then some! (Read what our couples have to saw about us on this on the "Grateful" page.) Knowing and trusting we've got all the details covered allows you to just be in the moment, soaking it all up!

Will there be a second shooter?

Totally depends on if you actually need one! Why pay for it if it's not needed? Would love to hear more about your wedding day so we can see if it's a good fit for you.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Chicago is home but love to capture love all over the world!

Do I have to order prints through you?

No you don't. You'll get a USB to print and use your images however you'd like! I do recommend ordering from your online gallery for those prints that you'd like as art in your home. The images you'd want to stand the test of time.

do you photograph families?

Absolutely! I love capturing each stage of life for what it's uniqueness brings. So there's not really a focus on props and posing but more so I love capturing a day in the life of you! Whether that's running around at the beach or flipping pancakes in your kitchen.

How'd you get started?

Over 20 years ago I first learned using film. I'd develop my own photos in the darkroom and thankfully, digital became a thing as I love to shoot constantly! Most often I hear from people that the moment that mattered most to them, or the photo they'll cherish forever, was when it wasn't expected. Digital allows me to shoot constantly allowing me to capture those gem moments.
Honestly though, even more than photos...I love people. I love relationships. I love love. I whole-heartedly believe that if I have a genuine and personal relationship with you, you'll allow me and my camera into your emotionally vulnerable moments. It will allow me to not only capture pretty photos, but ones that you'll absolutely cherish forever! I am so incredibly humbled and grateful that I get to do that for people.

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