There's a lot I love about engagement sessions. It's one of my favorite parts in capturing the amazing chapter in a couple's life. I often get to visit places that have meaning to them. Places that have shaped their time together. I don't care if it's the ritziest rooftop in the big city, or amongst the moving boxes in your new apartment; to celebrate the story of one's relationship up until that day, in a single moment, is a pretty phenomenal thing. Carlos and Su-Mai have memories at a lesser known gem in the city, the Montrose Bird Sanctuary. Spending time in a place that matters to them is the first peek behind the personal curtain as I ask questions about who they are. What do they love? What they don't? Who's adventurous? Who needs the plan? What is traditional in each of their families?

That lead us to talking about food. (: Turns out Su-Mai's dad is a chef, and has given her a love of cooking. She said she currently doesn't have time for project cooking (learning something new) and I resonated with that. Whether it be creating a new donut from scratch, testing out a new kitchen gadget, or something on the bucket list. (For me, I want to cook every single recipe from a cook book.) There's seasons where cooking the ambitious is super fun and motivating. When in the trenches of busy, a delish packet of Ramen will do. (:

When your wedding is at Independence Grove, their food is fantastic!! So it's all the more fun to chat options! Ya'll remember that brule'd flaming donut a' la mode? That was from there. Dang... was that GOOD!

Loved connecting over family, nature , and all things food with you guys! Cannot wait to combine all three of those on your wedding day!