Pinterest is practically one of the cornerstones of how one plans a wedding these day, but it hasn't been until recently for me to be able able to articulate why it's equally important for couples to use it; for you and for me. Pinterest is like a giant game of Clue. Pin the things that resonate true to who you are, and it will help you (and me) solve the mystery of who you are, and how you envision your day. That process often starts with engagement photos. It's the first time I'm meeting my couples in person. It's where I get to see and experience that pin board come to life. (And often times, see if that vision is a true reflection of who they really are. There's endless "pretty" pins you can save. It's the one's that authentically reflect who you are that will make it personal. Not sure I've experienced that pinboard matching reality quite like with these two. They're wedding will be at Boxed and Burlap in Delavan Wisconsin. (If you've followed me for any bit of time my obsession with coffee & specifically Boxed and Burlap is all too real. (: So it was fitting to have their engagement photos start and end with coffee. (: Everything matched to the feel of their Pin board. The city scene, the playful cinematic vibe, the tones, the way in which they interact. It was very them. She even said, we aren't the serious faced type. Her Pins reflected that, and in person, she was right, and they showed me that. I often get the "We want to look happy." Well.... Smiling is a good start. Joking not joking. (:

So Pin away! Pin your inpo. Pin who you are and who you want to be on your day. It'll help you plan...and help me capture not just pretty, but personal.

I cannot wait for these two to have their wedding at one of my all time favorite venues: Boxed & Burlap!