Back in the day, what feels like many lifetimes ago, the bride volunteered at a little coffee cafe some members of her fam and I helped start. So it was the best full circle moment when I heard her wedding was gonna be at a coffee shop. And then I just about spilled my coffee hearing it was gonna be at one of my bucket list spots!

I’ve dreamt of having a wedding at my all time favorite coffee shop, Boxed and Burlap. Imagining all the things I’d do if I ever got to shoot there. Well, my dreams never had rain. 🤣 Other than the epic drinks, (their iced caramel macchiato will change your life!) what I love so much about this place is it’s intimate. The best of weddings (whether they be big or small) are intimate. Moments where if all else was stripped away, the beauty of their relationship would not be dulled. From tearful first (and 2nd looks), heartfelt vows & speeches, to steamy (literally, the fog was epic) hideouts in the greenhouse, it was all so meaningful. So though I looked like a glorified ponchoed tourist at Niagara all day, we had the best time sipping our way through every beautiful nook of the best spot ever. Trevor + Amber, relationships are by no means based on emotions. The feeling of "love" will ebb and flow through your life seasons, but always remain rooted in your source of love. His love is everlasting. It will endure forever because He endures forever. Your wedding day yes, was ridiculously gorgeous! But honestly, the most beautiful, was seeing your relationship reflect the Lord. So incredibly happy (and humbled) to be able to have captured this beautiful season of life for you guys.