There’s many reasons I adored this perfect fall wedding at Boxed and Burlap in Delavan Wisconsin. Even if you’re new to following me on social, you’d quickly realize there’s a handful of things that I repeatedly say I just love love love and this wedding had all of them and then some.

Coffee. I will drive near and far to try any new cup of Joe. I map out a new spot before every wedding or trip I take. (Even while camping) But we all know, there’s no coffee for me more than at Boxed and Burlap! For all the reasons. From an epic caramel mach to their two locations mirroring my sorta opposing personal interests in design and lifestyle. One minute I’m ready to sell it all and just live on a farm in the woods. The next I’m drooling over the sleek minimalist lines of modern design. I joke (but we all know I’m actually pretty for real) that someday I’ll move up by Lake Geneva. So obviously a wedding at Boxed and Burlap, up in my favorite of places is a no brainer for me. But as I chatted with Greg & Sydney they had me equally excited and grateful that they chose me. Their wedding meal was unique. I love me a good brunch, and they had what I call “Brinner” (something my family had a lot growing up.) Breakfast for dinner. They even had a late night chicken N waffles food truck! there also were commonalities of mutual respect within our circles of competitive athletics, adoration for our families, but the one thing that stood out the most to me (and something that reminded me of my own husband and I (18 years ago) was despite how young they were, they were mature in their faith. They knew what their wedding was about. It wasn’t about the venue, the coffee, the brunch for dinner, lake life up in Lake Geneva or even their own families. As amazing as all of those amazing things are! It is so rare that I see a couple (let alone a young one (I say that endearingly. I was married at 21) building their life together upon the Love of God. Wanting their wedding to point more to Him more than to themselves. That’s why I say I was not only Geaked (That’s their last name) (: to capture this incredible wedding at Boxed and Burlap with all these things we mutual like, but I was humbled to capture and highlight who we both love: the Lord.

Greg & Sydney, your love and respect for each other is a living testimony. Thank you for allowing me to capture it on an incredibly meaningful day in your life.