I couldn't do what I get to do everyday without Victoria, literally. She's not only one of my upcoming brides, but she's who puts this Humpty Dumpty photographer back together again. She's my chiropractor. (: Self care service announcement, if you don't get aligned regularly, I can't say enough about finding a good chiro. No exaggeration, I literally cannot function without it. While we're at it on game-changing tips, she reintroduced me to something ya'll may or may not have heard of: Rent The Runway. Where for a fee, (or a subscription) you can borrow clothing even some of the most upscale brands. I've heard of guests attending weddings or formal functions using the rentals for gowns, I've even had bridesmaids wearing the rentals on the day of the wedding, but Victoria is a GENIUS and used it for her engagement photos! Rent the Runway quite literally is making the dream clothes that you may want possible for your photos. Even if you're getting to keep them just for a week. It's not just formal dresses either. There's every type of clothing to find.

Another thing she did? Sent me pics of some clothing options she was between. Being able to message about the vibe you're going for, helps me help you with outfit choices that will help give that feel in your photos. (She wanted moody)

Cannot wait to see (and capture!) the wedding!