Kids turn our lives upside down. Architectural features that once sold us on a home, are now plexi-glassed, netted, bubble wrapped, boarded up. (: Naps were a personal bliss where you could drift in and out of consciousness to your favorite show. Now...It is a "Get in your bed...Now!" Before we'd jump from plane, train, automobile to explore deeper in vacations. Now...It's let's keep it to however far the movie will last in the Honda Odyssey. (You wanna know where families go on trips? Look at the parking lot, and find the Odysseys. (: Before kids, we'd shop whenever and for however long we wanted. No it's Mission impossible, online cart timed out because we couldn't finish the order in time, or an outing to a real store for oneself limited to holidays and birthdays.

Have I sold ya yet on wanting kids? Hahaha. Obviously, so much of life changes when you have kids. Some of it is hard. Ok. Fine, really hard. But the majority of it, the part that so wildly overshadows any difficulties, are the amazing. The freaking phenomenal. Can't believe this is my life amazing. There's nothing that melds those two polar opposites together quite like the newborn stage of life. It is the most beautifully hard, wouldn't trade it, but can we survive it stage of life. But one look at those tiny toes and you'd do it again in a heartbeat.