24 hours before my parents put our childhood home on the market, my sister decided to buy it.

She’s made it into her own, but even amidst doing so, she’s essentially preserved a lifetime of memories. Something the pandemic brought us back to was the concept of home. What it is, (what it’s not), and how it personally shapes our day to day, and ultimately transforms our lifetime. More than ever. I’ve been doing home sessions. But what I love about this one, is it wasn’t at their current home. But rather, the one they grew up in. The home, already stunning, is just seeping with generations of tradition. From the same wooden bassinet, to the hand-sewn bonnet dress. There’s so much that’s “on to the next” in today’s culture, that to really go back to one’s roots, was, and is, so meaningfully refreshing. To have generations of memories upon the walls, while literally creating new ones is actually super humbling for me. I don’t take it lightly that I’m now not only given the opportunity to capture this stage of life for you, but creating a tangible photo that transcends time.