I could be wrong on this, (and I rather hope I am) but I feel like there’s an unspoken stigma of single parents. What they did or didn’t do to be doing it solo, or what forever impossible situation they now will be in. By no means am I trying to underestimate the power of a single parent. In fact, it’s truly the opposite! I’m absolutely awe struck at people who are going at it single-handedly. Not “poor single parent.” It ought to be “what a freakin super hero parent!”

This girl is defying what family looks like. She's so fiercely "all in" regardless of a child lives under her roof or not. And merely a couple weeks in she's already unlocked the mystery of how the heck does mom get out for a bit? Her community shows up, it's true. But it's greatly in part because she has been the one advocating, leading, and supporting that community. So glad people are now taking a turn on her behalf. You're absolutely rocking it mama! All the kids who have been impacted by you are so much better for it.