Hindsdale Newborn Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: THEO

You know when you’re watching a celebrity on reality T.V who like a minute ago had a baby and they still look flawless? I usually at some point, pause my show (cuz does anyone watch anything live anymore?) and while on the way to hoard the fridge, walk past a mirror or window and see my reflection. I usually laugh a little to myself with my disheveled bun and likely some kid splattered food on my shirt from..well...long enough ago that I should have changed my shirt. (:

This family are like those celebrities. Every single one of em are beautiful! Their effortlessly stunning. (As is their home). Unlike those celebs, even amidst everything going on...such as having a baby during a world-wide pandemic, they are so easy going. As is their newest addition: Theo. He definitely takes after his parents: Beautiful, calm, stylish (:

So happy for you guys! Loved being able to capture your expanded family!