There’s something fascinating to me about birth order, gender, and how it plays out within families. Growing up, I was the youngest of 3 by a decade. (and was adopted. So throw in some nature vs. nurture in there) My sister & brother, who are just a couple years a part didn’t do much together. Whereas I did everything with each of them, but separately. So much of my tomboyish, ways I get from my brother. And a lot of my more artistic side I most certainly get from my sister.

So to photograph & see the dynamic of this family as they’ve grown by girl after girl over the years, has been so sweet! They each have their distinct personalities (and oh how fun they are!) but the common thread among them is how much they undeniably adore each other! (And especially adore smothering in love their new baby sister.) I can practically hear the giggles of the nightly sleepovers in their room. I can see the future power squad they’ll be walkin’ down the school hallway. Oh the power & love of sisters! Always love capturing them.