A friend of mine was listening to a podcast about how one of the top FBI agents of our lifetime could narrow down key information on someone by casually asking two questions. This may seem like a stretch, but I feel like I can narrow down people's personality by seeing two things: One, how they style their house. No, you don't have to have a Pintrest worthy home to have your photos turn out epic. However, little details give me clues to the bigger puzzle that is your family. (Especially if it's my first time capturing you.) Does your place have little knick knack heirlooms? Is it super minimal? Are there stacks of cookbooks or could I tell that you spend most of your time outside?

When I walked into Courtney & Omar's home the unexpected clue into their home-style was fresh cut peonies. It's known in interior design (especially when it comes to photos that you start at the floral shop for styling.) They're in the heart of the city of Chicago. These were intentional flowers. They were the softness on the city-chic cake that I was eating up!

The second clue into me knowing who you are which may seem more obvious but not as many people put weight into it is, what you wear. You will never ever, ever, did I say ever? See my husband in a suit. It's the epitome of the opposite of him. So when Courtney messaged me her outfit options (this is the easiest way for me to help you as you narrow down outfit choices get a sneak-peek into "you.") I saw her semi-sheer, structured but soft, dress option. It was as if a camera in a movie super-sped through life and narrowed down to focusing on her super chic, clean, style. . I knew right away how I'd capture her in that. And I knew right away what type of home she'd have. (And my Lord was it (and her family) a stunner in person!) Their home and and personal style is so editorial. I'm in love with it.

I get it, not everyone has time for fresh cut flowers. But that's not who everyone is. No need to frantically "get together" your life before your photos. Those are all pieces I'm going to take as clues as to how to make your photos more personal. And as you're narrowing down your outfit choices....Shoot me a message with pics. I'll take those clues and help style the version of the real you to have the most impact for your photos.

As always, we're looking to capture not only pretty.... But personal.

Court, thanks for showing me that dress. I knew it all from that point on. (:

xoxo. Melissa