There's the generation of baby boomers...And fast forward...We now are in the year of covid babies. Lets just say I have. 12x more newborns than usual. (: My summers are notoriously "wedding season" but it's been an unexpected (in such a great way) season of family sessions. In particular, lots and lots of newborn sessions! Things I hear often from my families leading up to their session is: "My home isn't that picturesque" or our place is "a mess." (Welcome to the reality of parenthood! I joke that we perpetually look like we're moving.) (:

You don't need a Pintrest house, or scurry to "clean the place." The magic is in the people, not the place. This cutie session of baby Max was primarily done standing next to some boxes in their spare room. Then we literally just held up a white blanket for some of the "clean & crisp" background shots. There was no fancy studio. Just a casual afternoon, hanging in the space that is home. It creates not only a laid-back vibe, but each session is truly unique. No family is exactly alike, why should your photos (and experience) be? Thanks for sharing your day, your home, (your cats), and cutie Max with me! Have loved capturing this season of you guys!