I'm not in Chicago anymore To-To. The location which only has maybe 3 parking spots is literally in front of the police station. With no signs I was worried I was parking in their spots and for sure was going to get a ticket. I was didn't have a sticker or our permit to put in the window. Nothing to show that I should or shouldn't be there. I met up with Luke & Miranda to then go get something from my car real quick. The police office stopped me and asked: "Do you have a permit." I clinched internally a bit and said: "They have it," Pointing to my couple down by the water. Totally preparing myself to go through the ringer. "Okay, sounds good he says." Umm... What? Haha ok. So I then ask, I'm parked here, do I need something to put in my car window?" I ask. "No, I trust ya." the police replied. What!? Are you kidding me? Have I said yet how I want to move to Wisconsin. (: Haha, I've literally had a police woman in Chicago pull me over IN FRONT OF a speed limit sign to ask me: "Do you know the speed limit here?" I said: "Yeah, 45" pointing to the sign out my window. She goes, nope, 35. And hands me a ticket. This was before the days of smart phones and I had no leg to stand on but had to fork over my entire holiday nannying paycheck to pay that ticket. Woof. The worst.

So not only did this Wisconsin officer step right outta Pleasantville, but we were working off of I think an 80% chance of rain. Fully expecting it to not be a matter of if, but when and how much. (Storms on the water tend to not be a sprinkle) And yet..,Not only was there not a drop of rain but the freaking sun came out. What is happening!? I surely was not in Chicago anymore and for all the reasons I loved it! My time with these two was all the sweeter just having all the unexpected catching of breaks. Their wedding is at my fav: Boxed and Burlap! Cannot wait!