Ask anyone who planned to have an outdoor wedding in Chicago what they had to do if the weather was calling for possible rain and you'll likely hear that at some point they had to make a game time decision: "In or risk it out." That threshold of when that decision has to be made varies by the venue, by how much stuff has to be coordinated for it to be switched, (Is there another wedding already happening inside for example) and of course how willing is the couple to risk it?

There was likely to be rain on Dan + Jessica's wedding day, but it just didn't end up happening. Cocktail hour was to be under the stringed lights on a huge stone patio overlooking the Mistwood Golf Club golf course. (It's gorgeous!) Cocktail hour didn't end up being out there but I pivoted my photo plan so we could get some fun bridal party celebrating pics out there. Then at the end of the night, I brought the bride and groom back out there to have one last dance under the lights. I think it was actually my favorite part of the entire day! Come up with a wedding plan, and the more willing you are to pivot, (whether it be timeframe, photo locations, moving indoor or out) the more you'll find yourself thinking that the adaptation actually may have even worked out better than what was hoped for in the first place. Dan + Jessica, you guys rolled with everything so amazingly! And it couldn't have ended up more beautiful! I Still smile thinking of when on my drive home, while exiting the highway to my house, I saw your wedding trolly. It displayed it on the back, and I'll repeat it here: "Way to go!" You guys nailed this whole getting married thing. (: