Everyone wants Labor Day to last forever! Well, that is unless you're giving birth; let alone to twins! Sara and I were both college soccer athletes. (On different teams) But one of the hardest days of the season for my team was what was called: "Push Day." A day you don't know when will happen, but it will at some point in the season. A day that you know will push you to your physical and mental limits. A day where you'll rely heavily on your team to motivate you beyond what you think you can handle. And all within a matter of hours (yes, push day took hours) what you thought was impossible, was accomplished. Pride. Joy. Accomplishment. Bonding. All was created and deepened by an event that we enter with trepidation. Well, Sara...You literally had Push Day! More was asked of you than what you had ever taken on before. You may have had some worries going into it. And sure, moments where you may have wondered (or maybe at times, still do!) if you could do it. But you did! Uh....Twice! Actually, make that 4 times because you now have 4 kids! (Well, that number doubled quickly!) (:

Truly though, as utterly heart-melting as the twins are. And as gosh darn sweet as Luke is, my favorite part of our time together, was a moment that most parents (including me) would have been flustered and frustrated, you took the time to see the deeper need of one of your feeling overlooked middle kiddo. You got down on her level. Held her hand. And even though she wasn't "receiving it." You were there. Just feet away was a whole bundle of family "waiting for mom" and you stepped out to find the one. What a beautiful reflection of Christ. He left his flock for a time, to go seek out the one. You could have yelled out for the one to "get over here!" But no, you literally met her where she was at. THAT my friend...Is the heart of Jesus. That is the heart I see in you. And oh how amazing it is that you have 4 little ones that get to see that first-hand, daily. Now I know you'd be the first to say you couldn't do it without Andrew. And he was "on" that whirlwind of kids without one eye roll. Remain a team. It got you through push day. It will get you through some of the moments where you aren't sure you can physically, mentally, or spiritually make it through. You can! The Lord will bring you through those moments, those days, those hours, or even seasons and you will be able to look back with: pride, joy, accomplishment, and bonding. Hope these images are forever reminders of the sweet sweet gifts of the Lord. Much Love Friend.