I often say to take photos where there’s meaning for you. I didn’t expect for our friends to choose my kitchen for their newborn photos. “Really? Are you sure?” I asked. “It’s where we’ve taken each of our kids photos. It’s sentimental.” As we intermixed photos with making coffee... Soothing breaks and panini lunches…As our kids who were all born within months of each other ran around the kitchen island for the 100th time then sat in their “usual” seats to eat mac N cheese: Gabbing like they aren’t toddlers, but grown kids at some school lunch table…Where day turned to night... We made dinner while I got to hear how someone I do life with nearly every day is really doing since adding a 3rd. (You’re doing amazing friend.) I think we spent probably 8 hours in the kitchen this day. It mostly feeling like nothing had ever changed. (We just gained a really dang cute bundle of sweetness with baby Josiah). I didn’t expect the sentimental choice for someone else’s newborn photos to be my kitchen, but I literally send newborn photo info that says: "It's less about props and posing, but more so capturing a day in the life of your family." This very much is a day in doing and sharing life with these dear friends of ours. Couldn't be happier to have a new cutie to the crew and capturing his sweetness in our kitchen.