I get asked all the time: "What should we wear?" And my first answer is always: BE YOU! It may be a more amped up version of you, but our appearance is the clue to the outside world as to who we may be. What you wear also often become signatures that become what we're known for. Growing up, while most girls my age rocked pinks and purples, I was in black. (If I got crazy, you'd see me in Olive green) (: To this day, ask my 3 year old what's my favorite color? It's black. And he knows it. Probably because most everything I wear is that! You ever see someone that has worn glasses forever, take them off? They look like a different person right!? They've become identified with who they are. Your clothes are just like that. So when this fam came decked out in sneakers, I noticed right away. And for their fam...It's a thing. So I love that's what they came in! Be who you are! Love that this fam did that.