There's been a lot of changed routines since quarantine. From meals at home (and endless dishes), to walk upon walk upon walk. From trying new things, to doing the same one for the millionth time and still noticing something new. It's a time that none of us will forget, and quite honestly, I don't want to. Don't get me wrong, there was and is a lot of hard. There are and will be things that are not and may never be the same. On the flip-side of that is a beautiful opportunity. Things that will never be the same, nor have the opportunity to make it so. We will have had no greater opportunity to dive in deep. Whether that be in our belief, our care for ourself and others, and most certainly, we'll never have such a quality amount of time to be with family. Sure, not all. The flip-side is being completely isolated and separate from some loved ones, but for those we live with....There will be no greater time than to invest in those relationships. I am forever grateful to have had such a time with my kids. To be able to hit "pause" in our busy life. They already grow in the blink of an eye, and I cherish every moment these past many months; even the hard with them. This cutie fam, had miss Nora during the pandemic. As if being a new parent isn't already hard. Doing it by yourselves, with worries that are both in and outside the pandemic is hard! But they make it look easy! They so evidently have bonded with each other and sweet Nora. Loved capturing where they've dwelled and walked these past months.