There's a lot of feels on a wedding day, but nothing melted the bride & groom quite like the memory of her late grandpa. There's often (as they did too) a table of photos honoring those who could't be there on such a special day. But I think it's additionally really sweet to do or have something that the loved one loved. In Maggie's grandpa's life, it was cigars. So she had a cigar bar at the reception. All the family gathered and lit one in honor of him. Maybe grandma was known for a certain cookie? Have those as your favor or at a dessert table? Maybe a loved had a certain drink they'd order. Put em in fancy glasses and have it be your signature drink with a namesake nod to them. Have a board game table during cocktail hour. Have their favorite flower hidden in your centerpieces. Rent their first car as your getaway or transport for the day. Think of what reminds you of someone you wish who could have been there, and see a way to still experience them at the wedding.

From first looks with each family member, to grandpa tributes. From surprise dances to remembrances of grandpa. Ya'll really valued valued family. As beautiful as your day was, that to me, was the most.