I absolutely adore these two! It's always been my goal to photograph not just pretty photos, but meaningful ones. Whether that be on some of your greatest days, some of the harder, or at times it's honestly a combination of both. These two have had quite the journey. They allowed me to photograph that mixture of memories in some of the deepest vulnerable ways. An honor I don't take lightly. On this day, we got to capture a mixture of feeling as they are awaiting their little one to arrive. there's so much to celebrate! And it's within those times especially that we often look for those who may not be there in person to do that with us. Amanda's mom is no longer with her in person, but one of the sweetest tributes she did while really wishing her mom could be a part of this chapter is she got a tattoo with her mom's handwriting saying: "I love you" on the inside of her arm. A visual reminder to Amanda, and a physical one to this precious babe each time she holds onto her belly.

Amanda, you're going to be one incredible mom. I know this journey hasn't been an easy one. But the moment you hold that sweet babe. It will all be worth it!