Having the right team that has your back even till the very last call of a second is everything when what you’ve dreamt of for the past year, or for some, a lifetime is on the line. I woke up on this wedding day with rain pouring down. Before I left my house I got the text that the outdoor ceremony would now be inside. During getting ready, I could hear storm sirens blaring in the distance. The team and I secretly checking the radar like crazy. The groom found out that they were in fact going to roll the forecast dice and in still have an outdoor ceremony. One of my favorite moments of the day was when the groom got to whisper that news to his bride to be during their first look. That she would get her outdoor ceremony after all. That her dad, the Rabbi, would still get to marry them under the gorgeous and symbolic chuppah; surrounded by loved ones with a sprinkle of umbrellas. The fresh rain awakened the summer grass to vibrant green. It was the vision come true. It took a lot for the team to pivot and make it happen. But I’m forever team wedding. Whoever will make it happen for people, even when the odds are stacked against, those are my people.

The ceremony wasn’t the only unexpected thing that day. The best man started a fresh serenade (with a killer voice by the way) for the couple as they danced. Little known to them that it actually was a flash mob where their whole wedding was in on it. SO MUCH FUN!

I had just posted on my Instagram the day prior about how rolling with the unexpected on your wedding day can turn out even better than your plan A. So glad you guys did! What an amazing day!