I love this idea in general, but especially since it's a Covid wedding, the meaning of "home" has another personal layer to it. They took water from each side of the family's households to water, nourish, and grow a new plant that they'll grow in their own home.


I think one of the hardest parts for couples planning (and re-planning) their weddings around this ever changing pandemic is that they have no idea if they will be able to invite anyone to celebrate with them. Well, these friends took it upon themselves to celebrate regardless, with a surprise (to the bride + groom) parade as the new Mr. & Mrs. walked out of their home amidst their family blowing bubbles from their ceremony. I may have welled up with a Covid tear over this one. So sweet!


So...What's a Covid wedding like? Well, it's kinda like the wedding you always wanted but would have never had thought so when you started planning. It's the low-key, no nerves, intimate wedding with the people that would go in the trenches with you. The kind of people that will drive by wearing masks, with their cars decked out in decoration to have a parade for you kinda people. The kinda people who are playing DJ, bridal party, reception i.e. catered Chipotle set up in your basement kinda people. It's the kinda wedding where you'll forever have the memory of saying: "I do" every time you have a backyard BBQ. It's the kind of wedding where your greatest day yet is intertwined with the memories of home. So if you ask me: What's a Covid wedding like? Well...I'd say...AWESOME! Can't wait to do round two with ya'll next year!