The mall po po rolled up on me in .2 seconds of me awkwardly lingering outside the mall for these two’s engagement pics at one of their first date spots: Dave + Busters. Security eventually left but I thought maybe we should take some pics outside first (before sunset) in case the called security inside to warn about us. Th But I then see these two roll up who want 100% candid (Not like half the people who say they want candid but then go through their Pinterest poses. It’s o.k if that’s you. Nearly half the “candid” film are with ya. But these two…They are legit candid and nothing says “Not candid” like bright flash video lights inside a venue. So I pulled a “Trust me” card and the rando loading garage was perfection. We eventually went in and played games but moral of the story… Well, there’s two:

  1. If you truuuuuulllyyy want candid, being in a dark spot like an arcade is tough without a video light. (Which literally puts a spotlight on everything you do.
  2. If one of your locations is risky, (for us they could of told us “no” when we got inside.” Start with the more time sensitive option. (For us, it was already sunset so if inside wasn’t gonna work, it was now or never outside.)

It's my hope every time I pick up a camera to authentically capture the people. Jordan + Nikki...You are authentic through and through!! I couldn't pose ya if I even needed to, because ya'll beat to your own love cadence and I adore that about you. It also makes me really dang excited to capture the big day!!