One of my spiels I always tell my couples is to always ask your vendors: "What's your backup plan?" Like what if your videographer breaks their leg the day before? What if the DJ's van breaks down? What if they can't find your main flower choice for your florals? When Kim's hairstylist had an emergency the morning of her wedding, I bet her back up wasn't: I bet your photographer could do it." But there we all were. Elbow deep in bobby pins and knee deep in trust. Brides often ask: "What do you need from us?" It's trust. Maybe not fill in for the hairstylist trust (though it totally worked out!), but kinda! I will have ya'lls back through the twists and turns that is your wedding. Whatever that looks like...Whatever it needs to be.... Whatever I need to be... I will. Whether it be as light-hearted as lets scoot from your reception for a few to get the dream photo, to honest-to-goodness, we have to re-work your timeframe in order for you it to work, both in the little things and in the big things, trust is everything . It's what makes an otherwise fine relationship a great one. I don't know anyone who wants to looks back at the memories of their wedding through photos and say: "They're fine." Kim, when things kinda turned left while getting ready for the wedding, I love that you trusted me to make it right. And we did. I hope that you look back at your wedding with all the joy, and laughter in the world. Cuz you threw one fun party!