I'm sure I woulda already been all sorts of sappy when capturing the anticipation of some of our nearest and dearest friends who are about to have their 3rd. I always say, a photo session is less about creating photos but capturing the moments. And I've been so fortunate to see first-hand countless moments in these very spots. Meals together. Lots and lots of coffee. Comforting kids boo-boos, and being an extra hand for each other. Even the Christmas tree in the background reminds me of when as a flustered first-time mom I'd hand our newborn to Abby who was very pregnant at the time with their first. She'd just sway our babe in front of her Christmas tree lights with the magic calming touch. (And the needed reprieve for me). It was in front of those windows, that for Covid eternity we'd practically yell through the glass so we could all (my kids included) see our friends who we missed so much. It was on that couch that Abby and I with very preggo bellies would put up our swollen feet, sipping Portillos milk shakes anticipating what we thought parenthood would be like. Little did we know, just how little we knew. Newsflash...It's so so much more than we could have every thought!

So it couldn't have been more fitting to capture the anticipation of #3 in the very spot where so much of that has happened before. It wasn't about perfect lighting, removing all the Christmas decorations, or having the "right" curated outfit. The very first photo I took after my test shot was of Abby gently tying her daughters curls back. My goodness. That. That right there IS what it's about. Little reminders of all the ways and reasons it's so dang worth it to do this parenting thing. Doing the simplest of gestures, sacrificially, out of love, for likely the millionth time. Sometimes, it just takes a simple photo as a reminder that it's all worth it.

So my friends... If your Christmas tree turns into a holiday tree, know I can't wait to sway that babe in front of the lights. Love your family dearly.