Resilience. Is it something taught? Learned? A sink or swim reaction? Can you grow into it? perhaps like a muscle, the more it gets broken down, the stronger it will rebuild? Back in my college soccer days our coach would take the drill that took the most patience...took the longest to accomplish before it could be "done" and on occasion, when we feel like we are "in the groove, and about to reach our goal, he'd step in and make a completely unjust, not fair call, making us start all over. The first times he did it, we all were real frustrated. It wasn't fair. He admitted it wasn't. But eventually, it'd happen, we'd grab the ball, and give it another go. There was no point in wasting time. I don't know if resilience is learned or created, but in my experience, it's a bit of both. And in a time where the world is so upside-down, being resilient is an asset. The Kirk family I would say is resilient. Practicing medicine at this time is brutal. Finishing up another medical degree, while raising a family, while living through Covid....Now that my friends....That's resilience. (: