Chicago is extreme. Ya gonna have pizza? Make it the depth of 5 slices please.

What's the weather going to be? I dunno....Could be 95F and blazing hot, or like 45 with frost. Now throw in Covid... We actually really do now live in a bizarre world of extremes. Look no further than a parent trying to do e-learning for their child, or a teacher now doing so digitally. Today's mom, well, she's does both! There hasn't been a time in recent history, that so much is asked of so many. It's a lot. Like a lot a lot. I recently heard a quote: "If you've cried three times this week, you must be a teacher." So to teach your own kiddos, teach a classroom full of em online, AND be mom....Now that, I can't honestly wrap my head around it. And I'll tell ya what. Today's family...They're not only doing it, they are doing it brilliantly. That's not to put to shame, or roll in a cloud over those who are struggling. (Cuz the struggle is real.) But it is to highlight, hope. These folks right here are so incredibly kind. Their kids are unbelievably loving (even to each other as siblings). They're patient. Flexible. And so many reasons that I'd say are such a beacon of hope as an example of teaching & parenting in these times. May we all be a little more kind. Unbelievably loving. Patient. And flexible. We may just get through not only this week, but this crazy season of life, with a longer list of grateful for's than I wish I didn'ts. One cue to take from them...They laugh a lot together! So put on your favorite family show. Play a silly game. My family...We do post-dinner dance parties. Bring a little fun, this fam sure did to their session, and it shows.