It was -3F. The hand warmers (that are made to keep those who are out in the snow warm for 8 hours…Yeah those were a frozen brick within 15 minutes. 

We had debated rescheduling before we even started, but it had recently snowed. Do we risk waiting for warmer temps on another day, but potentially lose the fresh powder? Perhaps we try and find an indoor spot? (Most need permits by the way) But perhaps a cafe? “We’re outdoorsy people” they said. I’ve heard that before, and no joke, people have shown up in a sun dress in the dead of Chicago winter!  These two were not only troopers, but man are are they fun!! And when we talked about the common ground of loving broomball (If you don’t know what that is, you aren’t likely a winter outdoorsy person from the Midwest.) I knew these two were my best bet to conquer the cold. My best suggestion when debating whether to continue on with a portrait session when the weather is looking less than ideal is to gauge realistically what matters more to you?

They go up north a lot to snow mobile & ice fish. This little slice of snowy remoteness made us feel like we were up there. Because of the arctic weather (like too cold to pop a bottle of champagne cold) we spent about half the time taking pics as a normal engagement session. So would it have been more important to them to have a few more pics or to have the snow? Did they have an outfit that would have only worked in certain weather? Or was the setting more important than whether they did or didn't have a jacket on. Jake & Megan, you opted right! Here's a warmer wedding day. (: