I intentionally capture & edit each session uniquely. Every engagement, wedding, baby, or family is different. I could leave from a Moody boho session to go shoot a super clean and classic session. Not only doesn’t that mean no two sessions are just alike for me, but also means the images ya’ll get are custom to you.

As different as each of my sessions can be, there’s certain ones I know going into it that in ways remain the same. Some of these families I’ve known (and captured) since they were engaged. I’ve photographed their babies, and milestones in-between. This family feels like…well, family! They’re the type I can hang and play with the kids on the living room floor and in-between candid moments, chat about real life. They're the family that we can make decisions on the fly of what could work with weather or naps, and crazy schedules that comes with parenting. I've seen a ton of new faces within families this year, which is great! But it's also really really wonderful to capture familiar ones like these too.